MARPOL Trash Placards (Garbage Dumping Restrictions)
  • It is illegal to dump plastic trash anywhere in the ocean or navigational waters of the United States.
  • The discharge of other types is permitted outside of specific distances offshore based on the nature of that garbage.
  • U.S. vessels 26 feet or longer MUST display in a prominent location, a durable placard at least 4 x 9 inches notifying passengers and crew of the discharge restrictions.
  • U.S. oceangoing vessels over 40 feet, which are engaged in commerce or equipped with a galley and berthing must have a written Trash Management Plan.
  • Recreational vessels used exclusively in the Great Lakes may use the Annex V placards or a specially developed placard that prohibits dumping of garbage.
  • The trash placard is NOT required on inland lakes and sole state waters.